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Thanks for taking the time to check out our stuff. We have found the ProShow Producer users are some of our most favorite customers. You are passionate about making great slideshows and you recognize and appreciate quality. And we appreciate that!

Digital Hotcakes are video backgrounds, overlay effects, and transitions that will add pizzaz to your slideshows. They are easy to use. Just copy the movie files to your hard drive and bring them into ProShow like you would any photo. That's it! Then let your imagination go wild and have fun creating slides with multiple layers.

Digital Hotcakes overlays and transitions work seamlessly in ProShow Producer with our special masks. Our 101 Transitions product installs directly into ProShow Producer 4.5. Deana shows you how in this video.

Here are our ProShow Producer Customers Favorite Digital Hotcakes:


Digital Hotcakes 101 Transitions

Make your audience smile with these fun animated transitions that work inside Producer 4.5.

see more info: Proshow Producer Transitions


Digital Hotcakes Vol 9 FilmFX

From scratches, dust, and hairs to vintage countdowns, film leaders, and loose sprockets, this volume has all you need to make your slideshow have that vintage look.

see more info:Film Effects


Home Movie Essentials Vol 1 Travel & Theater

Give your slideshows a personality from start to finish. Home Movie Essentials include intros, outros, video backgrounds for your titles, and cool transitions. Sound effects are embedded in some clips.

see more info: Home Movie Backgrounds


Home Movie Essentials Vol 3 EVENTS

Set yourself apart with these exciting new animations from the Digital Hotcakes' kitchen. With 52 animations in all, Home Movie Essentials Vol 3 features all the momentous events that you cover.

see more info: Event Video Backgrounds


Home Movie Essentials Vol 4 Bundle of Joy

Add personality and style to your next baby video with "Bundle of Joy", featuring Ted E Behr, the Hollywood style animated teddy bear. Just drag and drop the animations into your slide show. Add your adorable baby photos, and titles. The result, instant charm certain to impress family and friends.

see more info: Baby Video Backgrounds


Digital Hotcakes Vol 11 Blooming Designs

Add a cool contemporary feel to your next slideshow with Blooming Designs. It is easy. Just drag and drop these beauties into your slides.

see more info: Flourish Animations


Wedding Essentials Vol 3

Save time from start to finish. We've got the beginning and ending to your next wedding slideshow. You'll surely impress with these unique wedding video intro and outro sets,  creative transitions, stunning overlays, and seamlessly looping wedding backgrounds.

see more info: Wedding Intros




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