Importing an image sequence as overlay in Ulead MediaStudio Pro

1. Copy the image sequences from the Digital Hotcakes product DVD to your video hard drive.

2. Launch MediaStudio Pro.

3. You are going to create an uis file for an image sequence. From the menu at the top, go to File>Convert>Image Sequence File


4. Click on the Select button.


5. Then locate the first frame of the image sequence on your hard drive. Click on Open.

6. Then OK in the Define Image Sequence box.


7. Import this newly created uis file as video.


8. Drag the clip to the the video track above your video footage in the timeline.

9. Right-mouse click on the overlay clip in the timeline to bring up the following menu. Select Overlay Options.


10. Select Alpha Channel from the Type pulldown menu. Then click on OK.


In this particular overlay RedCurtainOpen from Home Movie Essentials Vol 1, the curtain will now open to your video footage that was place directly below it on the timeline.


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