Digital Hotcakes FAQs:

Q - What quality can I expect from Digital Hotcakes?

    All our animations are created digitally by talented motion graphic designers using some of the industriesí most powerful creation tools such as Lightwave, and After Effects.  Our animations are crisp and clean with a minimum amount of compression. Digital Hotcakes are delivered to you in the most common digital video format known as DV25 or DV. DV is a professional video quality that is widely used for documentary and news television around the world.

Q - Will Digital Hotcakes work in my video editing or presentation software?

Q - How do I import Digital Hotcakes in my video editing software?

    Please visit our tutorial page. We show you how to import Quicktime movies and targa image sequences in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Vegas Video. For all other applications, please check your userís manual under importing files

Q - How do I use Digital Hotcakes Worship Series with my presentation software?

Q - What kind of changes can I make to Digital Hotcakes?

    You can make any changes to Digital Hotcakes you wish. Your only limitation is the capability of your video editing software. Most software enables you to resize, reposition, change the color, and change the speed of a clip.

Q-What do you mean by royalty-free?

    Royalty-free grants convenient and unlimited use to all video clips and images used in professional design projects meaning no royalty hassles.
    Pay once and forget the headaches associated with royalty-based pricing. There's no need to worry about extra costs based on usage. These video clips and images can be used as many times or as in as many ways as the user sees fit and users can alter them without seeking permission. See our license agreement.

Q - What music did you use when making the Home Movie Essentials Vol 1 demo:

The song at the beginning of demo is from You can find it on their site by putting Grand Entry Movie in the search box.The longer song is also from You can find it by putting Hollywood Classic in search box- then go to second page and it's called Hollywood Classic. The short audio clip with the spotlights going is on with "spotlight focus" for the search term. The travel theme was from The song is called Playtime from their Contemporary Insights CD.

Q - Where is the entire Wedding Album Open? I only have half of it?

You will find the first half in the Backgrounds folder, and the second half in the QT PNG folder.

Q - I just ordered a download of Digital Hotcakes. How do I download it?

You should expect a email shortly after we set up your username and password. This should be pretty quick if you ordered during our business hours which are Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, central. Otherwise, you should expect your download email the next business day morning. If you really need the download over the weekend, please send us an email. We check in periodically over the weekends.

Q - What should I do if I am having a problem with the password when downloading my Digital Hotcakes?

Double check your password. It is case sensitive. If you copied and pasted your password in, make sure you did not copy an extra space with it.

Q - When I click on the download link inside my email, nothing happens. What should I do?

Copy and paste the link into your internet browser URL address window. You will then be asked for you username and password.





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