Using Quicktime Pro for converting Quicktime movies or  image sequences to AVIs for use in any video editing software

1. When converting a movie, from the File menu, choose Open Movie

1a. When converting an image sequence, from the File menu, choose Open Image Sequence

2. In the Open dialog box, locate the movie file. For an image sequence, locate the first image in the sequence and click the Open button.

3. Once the movie appears, from File menu choose Export

4. In the Export pop-up menu choose Movie to AVI

5. Click the Options button

6. In the Movie Setting dialog box, make sure the Video checkbox is selected. Click on the Settings button.

7. From the Compressor pull-down menu, choose Apple DV/DVCPRO- NTSC and choose 29.97 for frame rate. Click OK.

8. Choose hard drive and folder to save your AVI file then Click on the Save button.

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